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Oil Burner Mechanic

Oil burner mechanics install, repair and maintain all types of oil-fired domestic and commercial appliances, equipment, components and systems. On new installations, they may design, assemble and install the heating and ventilation systems, install oil burner components such as control devices and associated wiring, install fuel supply systems and connect the plumbing to mechanical and electrical systems. They may also install, maintain and repair wood/oil heating systems.

Oil burner mechanics work in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. They may be selfemployed or employed by heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installation and service companies.

Service calls and emergency calls may take place anytime: days, evenings or weekends. Full time and seasonal employment opportunities are available.

Oil burner mechanics must have good mechanical aptitude, problem solving skills and good customer relations skills. A good understanding of basic electrical/electronic theory and The House as a System is also required. They may give cost estimates for required work and explain the operation and maintenance of appliances and systems.